Monday, March 19, 2018

Black Eyed.....DEMONS!

Demonic activity in our world is no surprise. It shouldn't be. If you have followed this blog for very long, you know well that I tend towards posts regarding demonic activity. As an exorcist, that really is my primary function, to expose this activity for what it is, and to prevent those that oppose God the Father Almighty from deceiving people.

I have been aware of an unusual demonic manifestation of demonic activity for a while now. The first accounts I read were in Western Europe. This manifestation is known of as "Black Eyed Kids" or "BEK". Just for clarity, we are not talking about somebody who just got badly clobbered and has two "black eyes". No, this is something worse. What we are discussing is a manifestation in the form of children with pure black eyes.

I suppose one might ask what is meant by "pure black eyes", and you'd be right to ask. I am not a doctor, so please don't take my word for it, as I am not qualified to give medical advice, but to better describe it, picture an eye with no iris (the colored part) or sclera (the white part). All you have is an eye that is pure pupil. That is it, nothing else. This is what is meant by pure black eyes. This is how this particular demonic manifestation has come to be known as "Black Eyed Kids" or "BEK".

BEK manifestations typically seem to follow a similar pattern. They always come in two. There are some odd reports of instances involving a lone individual, but they seem to be isolated events, but two is the normative account. In all cases, the request is made to either make a phone call or for a ride someplace. In either case, once you let them in they are free to do as they please. Typically, this involves some form of bodily harm, often leading to death.

There are stories of survivors of this phenomena, as should be expected, or there would be no reports of this type of manifestation. In all cases, when the request is made, the victim is fearful and yet feels a strong desire to do as requested. Even if the victim does resist, it is likely that BEK may still attempt to coerce the victim into doing as they ask, or they may attempt to overpower the victim and murder them without the request being fulfilled, though it is atypical.

As with all demonic manifestations, it must be understood that demons do not have our best interest in mind. No, they desire only harm unto us. Those who have run from a BEK sighting have been quite right to do so. This is what I would counsel for anyone who encounters demonic activity, regardless of type. Only a qualified exorcist should confront a demon, and it should only be after they have prepared themselves.Even then, they should never go alone, nor should they independently seek out such things.

If you ever encounter such phenomena, do not talk to these beings. They are to be avoided at all cost. If they ask to come in to make a phone call, or ask for a ride, refuse. Yes, they will be irate. Stand firm, they typically can not do anything if you don't allow them in. It has been reported that prior to mass murder scenes, there was a BEK sighting in the area. I won't say all such scenes are BEK events, but I would not be surprised as how many were, including the Dyatlov Pass incident, as most BEK sightings tend to happen in isolated/rural areas. I will review the Dyatlov Pass incident in another entry, but I leave the reader now with information, and the afore written warning regarding the BEK phenomena. I also ask the reader to report such sightings to the nearest priest if they can. I know it will be difficult, and some priests will not take you seriously, but you must report it, in a confessional if possible. God's power is greater than any demon, and it is to him we should all turn in such times, as he is our refuge.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


The more I can YouTube, the more convinced I become that people are desperate to find extraterrestrials. It seems like there are both scientific and new age type ideas about finding, and making contact with, extraterrestrials. There is also an incredible amount of inconsistency about contacting them, and what they might be like. Then there are those who claim that we are already in contact with them, which is what we are looking at.

For the record, I am still firmly convinced that these so-called extraterrestrials are merely demons. I am also convinced that they don't want people knowing what they are or their real agenda. I can't say that I completely know their agenda, but I am quite aware of the primary plan, which is to deceive humanity into sin, so that as many humans as possible will suffer an eternity in Hell, along side this demons who presently pose as being extraterrestrial beings.

I think it safe to say that most of us have watched an episode or two of Star Trek, or we've seen a couple of Star Wars movies. In both cases, we see highly advanced technology capable of propelling large spacecraft across vast distances of interstellar space. We have also seen that there is the abundant use of radio-telecommunication equipment, even across these vast distances. Yes, there is also the use of telepathy, but it is quite limited in range, yet there lies the concern.

It should seem odd to think that anyone would not know what telepathy is, but just in case, it is basically the idea of being able to communicate without speaking, by sharing thoughts directly. Oddly, there was even an episode of Gilligan's Island that was devoted to this idea, in which the castaways found a tree in which eating the seeds permitted one to know what somebody else was thinking. In the end, Gilligan burned the tree because of all the problems it began to cause among them.

What does this have to do with channelling aliens? Quite a bit actually. Earlier I mentioned YouTube. There is a video on YouTube that claims that you can contact an extraterrestrial from the Pleiades. You don't have to take my word for it, just look it up on YouTube. There is a ritual involved in this, much like there was for the "elevator game". However, this ritual must be done in bed, and it actually is not opening you up for contact with extraterrestrials, it is opening you up for possible demonic possession, as you are not channelling an extraterrestrial, rather a demon. Much like the "elevator game", it is my opinion that you should not attempt this, and this actually makes the "elevator game" seem safe.

Ultimately, the ritual should seem counterintuitive. If Alien being were going to contact us, they would not use some form of telepathy, as this ritual implies. The fact is that such beings, capable of traveling vast distances of interstellar space, should have the ability to communicate with us via ordinary means. Our society is fairly advanced in terms of technology. We've sent robotic probes to another planet within our own stellar system, we've sent another probe to travel into deep space with the hope of it contacting extraterrestrial life. On a planetary level, we have computers and wireless networking systems. Many of us still use television and radio equipment. To that end, an advanced technological race would have the knowledge and capability of communicating with us in the common. The fact that most of us carry some form of mobile media communication device improves the odds of alien contact, though there is no known record.

There will be those who will criticize me for saying that these being would, or should, contact us via ordinary means, but there is a good reason for that type of contact. There are no known instances of the use of telepathy in modern society. Certainly a few street magicians can pull a trick or two that looks like telepathy, but that is merely a trick with a gimmick, nothing more. In terms of real telepathy, aside from those possessed of demons, there is nothing that can be proven. Yes, demons do like to play games, such as mind reading and such. Seriously, these beings are out to deceive us.

Oddly, the YouTube video regarding how to channel a being from the Pleiades has an interesting warning in it. It says very clearly to not do it if you are afraid of channelling a demon. That really should be very telling. If this were a bona fide way to contact an extraterrestrial, there would be no need for such a warning.

The Bible is very clear about summonings and such. In short, don't. Familiar spirits and the like only seek to deceive, seeming friendly, they desire only for us to spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels. To that end, short of a genuine encounter, in which I not only the spacecraft with my own eyes, and shake hands with a genuine extraterrestrial being, I am fully convinced that these beings who claim to be extraterrestrials are really demons, and desire our demise.

I will end with this. If extraterrestrials exist, they should have the technology to locate me, no matter where I am. To that end, if they desire to prove me wrong, they are welcome to find me and prove to me, in a very public and open manner, that they exist. They can meet me at church, or work. They can come find me while I'm buy groceries, or out to a movie. Just like any other human, I have a working mobile media communication device, which also tracks where I go. Any technologically advanced society should find it simple to lock onto it, and come find me. So, if any supposed aliens do read this, and your aims are truly benevolent, then come meet me, face to face, and prove me wrong. I am quite convinced this won't happen, as demons are not necessarily apt to do this.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Joke's on you.

Aliens continue to be a popular topic in our culture. YouTube is just littered with videos about alien races and their culture.  Tests can be found anywhere on the internet regarding whether or not one is a member of these races. Indeed, I have taken several of these, only to find that not a single one of them prove anything, and none of the results from one test agreed with the results from another test.

Easter Sunday is April first this year. Ironically, that is also April Fools day. In truth, I have already begun to see the bad jokes on Facebook regarding this. The worst one goes out of its way to imply that the Christian faith is a lie. Pretty petty in my honest opinion.

What do extraterrestrials and Easter being on April first have in common? Not much. However, it is a sad showing about society that people find it easier to believe in extraterrestrials that we have no real proof of, than it is to believe in a God who has given us his revealed word, and even sent his son to die for our sins.

Oddly enough, there really is a good laugh in all of this. Since the advent of digital cameras and mobile media devices, reports of UFO sightings have dropped tremendously. It really should make people wonder what is going on. To that end,  I will still contend, unless proven wrong, that so-called alien sightings are really demonic manifestations.

Now then, if people want to insist that the Christian faith is a lie, then there is only one thing that can prove such an assertion. This one thing is both exceedingly simple and completely impossible. It couldn't be done over two thousand years ago, and it still can't be done today. What is this one thing? Quite simply, produce the body of Christ Jesus. That is it. Show the world the body of the one known of as Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith will be destroyed. The priests and scribes of the Sanhedren couldn't do it when the first reports of the resurrection happened, and they knew exactly where the grave was. Nor could the disciples have stolen the body, as eleven men with one sword to share wouldn't have been much of a match for a squad of well trained Roman soldiers, the self same soldiers who were guarding the tomb that the body was buried in. If it couldn't be done over two thousand years ago, then it is highly unlikely that it can be done today.

Easter may be on April first this year, but the real joke is on those who don't believe. The truth of the resurrection is an established historical fact. It has not, and can not be disproven. Christ is risen, he is risen indeed. Amen.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Let's Play a Game

Most people like games. They can often serve as a distraction from issues in life around us. This is especially true of video games. However, there is a universal constant with games, they all have rules. Some games allow for variants, also known as house rules. Such is often the game with the game of Uno, in which people sometimes allow various draw cards (including the wild draw 4) to be stacked upon each other until a player can not play, thus forcing that player to draw the total accumulation of draw cards stacked. Other games do not permit such variation. The Elevator Game is one of those in which variation is not permitted, at the possible risk of an unspecified consequence.

What is the Elevator Game?

In short, it is a ritual involving an elevator in a building of ten stories or higher. The supposed purpose of the game is to enter into another dimension/world/universe. Admittedly, I am quite skeptical when it comes to the notion of dimensional travel, however, those who have played this game have had various experiences that at times countermand my skepticism. I will include the appropriate steps for playing this "game", but I caution anyone to think twice before attempting.

Why do I caution people to think twice before attempting? I have a couple of reasons.

1. If the ritual works, you have little guarantee that you will return.

2. There is actually a report of a mysterious death that may be associated with playing this game.

3. You are actively tempting forces and powers that are clearly of the supernatural, which may be demonic in nature.

The Mysterious Death

On the 19th of February in 2013, the body of Elisa Lam was recovered from a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. There is no clear indication of how she got into the tank. However, she was in the tank, and dead. What is known is that before her death, she was caught on camera, in a possible panic, and hitting various buttons on the elevator console. Was she a victim of the elevator game? Too hard to say. Here is footage of that incident:

Did it work?

There is another video, which is linked below, though easily findable via Youtube, of a guy who attempted the Elevator Game and supposedly succeeded. However, contrary to what is typically claimed of the elevator game, this guy did not see a darkened building or a red cross. There is no discernable difference between the world he got on the elevator in and the world he was in when he got off the elevator. Here is that video:

However, let me give a critique of this video. Yes, it worked. That is to say that when he pressed the button for the first floor, which is the last step in the ritual, it did actually go up to the tenth floor. However, he made some grave errors. These errors, if the ritual was truly successful, can not be undone. Before I begin, let me note that the woman/girl did not enter the elevator at the fifth floor (more on this later). To that end, he got really lucky, but possibly not lucky enough.

1. When he reached the tenth floor the first time, he did not get back in the elevator, rather he took the stairs back to the ground floor. The rules start clearly that you must take the elevator back down, in reverse sequence to how you got to the tenth floor.

2. He did this a second time in the same day. Some claims regarding this ritual indicate that you open yourself to possibly being taken to Hell if you do this twice in the same day. Given he was already successful in getting the elevator to go to the tenth floor when hitting the button for the first floor once already, he should not have tempted fate.

3, On the second attempt, he did take the elevator back down to the first floor, but he failed to reverse the sequence. Additionally, he gives an indication that he may have spoken with the girls who got on the elevator at the third floor. I have heard it said that when doing this ritual, when going back down, do not speak to anyone who gets on the elevator until you are at the first floor and off the elevator, as you don't know that you aren't speaking to a demon.

As it stands, if the ritual were successful, then our friend in this video is now stranded in an alien dimension, specifically ours. That is correct. If he was truly successful, he is now a visitor from another universe and his alternate selves are equally trapped in either of the other two universes he has been through, his original and the first one he arrived in.

Not my world.

There is a story floating about the internet of a girl who attempted the Elevator Game with her friends. Doing this her friends was her first mistake. The story goes that when they reached the fifth floor, the woman appeared and got on. However, the next, and last mistake, was that of looking at and/or speaking to the woman. She apparently looked liked Samara from the movie "The Ring". The person who wrote this story says that she was then attacked by the woman and then she passed out. When she awoke, she was in her bed, but everything was different, including the fact that her friends were missing as if they had never existed. Sadly, this is consistent with the warning regarding anything going with the ritual.

Added 29 December 2018:

Blood and Scratches.

I can not explain this one. I can point out the mistakes they made, but I am unable to explain the bloodstains or the scratches, which were not there when these guys entered the elevator. Also, there is a brief point at which you do see the face of a girl. It is at the 12:50 mark in the video and I will post it below. It is faint and very brief, but it is there. As for the mistakes that were made, they are as follows:

1. Two people in the elevator.
2. Taking the elevator immediately back to the first floor.
3. The looked at the girl.

As they did not get off the elevator, it seems safe to presume that they are from and have managed to remain in our dimension. If they are wise, they would not consider ever attempting this again, as there are stories that the girl (ghost/demon) is vindictive and she isn't finished with them. My personal advice is that they take the stairs for the foreseeable future and beyond.

To the immediate right of the picture (the guy's left) there is what seems like unto the faded image of a woman or girl. Yep. This is the first image I have ever seen of the apparition that supposedly enters the elevator on the fifth floor. To that end, I have to give this guy credit. He is the first to give us an idea as to what this particular demon looks like. Again, my advice to him is to take the stairs from now on.

I can not stress enough my contention that you should not attempt this. However, for the sake of disclosure, I have included a link to the instructions for this ritual. If you dare to attempt this, you do so at your own peril. I can not say that it works, but I dare not say it won't. However, I will say that I am quite aware that for every successful story of this ritual, there are many more accounts where it was unsuccessful. The link is below, proceed with absolute caution:

Monday, August 28, 2017


There is a famous group of hackers out there. They are called "anonymous". Why? It is because they do not necessarily want anyone to know who they are. They tend to work in loosely joined groups of cells, working to reveal the truth about what is often hidden from the general populous. However, by the same token, they are not alone. I know how odd that sounds, but the simple truth is that there are many groups who now identify as being "anonymous".

What does this have to do with demons and exorcism? On the surface, not very much. On a deeper level, exorcists confront a truth that atheists strive to hide from the general populous. I know that sounds like a horrid thing to say, that atheists are hiding the truth from people, yet there is a certain level of honesty to that.

As I know from firsthand experience, demons are real. They are also quite dangerous. This is a truth that I can not deny. Furthermore, that they exist is evidence that God almighty also exists. Atheists do not like that and will do all that they can to deny and otherwise discredit the belief that God exists. That denial is an obfuscation of the truth. In other words, a lie.

I don't post often, but my posts deal with the truth about the doctrine of exorcism, and what it means to be an exorcist. One of those things is that of having to face the abject horror of being confronted by a fallen angel that has chosen to possess something, or someone. It is an endeavor that I recommend that nobody seeks. However, if called, the one that is called should accept it.

By confronting the truth of the existence of demons, and standing between them and those whom they would seek to oppress, an exorcist is very much like those who are like the real group "anonymous", who seek to confront and expose the truth that many in high levels of power would seek to hide from the general populous. In like a manner, an atheist is like unto those fake groups who call themselves "anonymous" and seek only their own interests.

There are things that science can not explain. Exorcism is one of them. That we even need the doctrine of exorcism is evidence of the existence of God. This is a truth that atheists want to hide, and it is a truth that must be revealed.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Demonic Aliens

You don't have to work in the shipping industry to see a trailer on the road. Indeed, if you have ever rented a U-haul or other such truck, you have probably seen the inside of a trailer. Now it matters little to me if a trailer is 32, 45, 48, or 53 feet long. Regardless of the length, there really is a lot of space in a trailer. If loaded right, you could easily pack everything in a modestly sized three bedroom house into one of these with room to spare. Oddly, it always seems that no matter how much is packed in, it seems like I miss 1% of the total trailer capacity.
Our universe, in comparison to ourselves, seems quite large. Indeed, the universe is quite expansive. Simple truth, we don't know how big the universe really is. We have estimates regarding how distant one star is from another, including from our own star to its nearest neighbor, which is Proxima Centauri at 4.24 light years away. However, here is a question, how accurate is that number? Is the speed of light truly constant? We don't really know. We presume a constant, but we also discuss things that can distort or otherwise alter the speed of light, including differences in terms of a vacuum, in a gaseous environment, and through water.
Given the size of our universe and that there is life on this planet, what of other planets? That is a tricky question. Scientists presume what are called "exoplanets", that is to say planets outside our solar system that orbit other stars. However, just having a planet orbiting a star is not enough. The planet must sit within what is called the "habitable zone" for there to exist a chance of life. Our own solar system has three such planets, yet only one has life on it. That planet is Earth.
This is not the first time I've discussed the origin of life. However, this is the first time I've discussed extraterrestrials. Let me note that I am not completely opposed to the idea, but I do make a distinction regarding such things. That distinction includes my belief that our planet is being bombarded with massive deception within this realm of study.
Lets back up. As we are all aware, there are those who believe life evolved on Earth. This includes the evolution of life from non-life, also known as abiogenesis. Statistically, this has been demonstrated as being impossible and there, as of yet, not been a single study or test to prove this belief is even remotely viable. All such tests have actually proven that abiogenesis could not happen at all. This creates a problem for determining where did life come from. One attempt to solve the problem is to move it. This is where we get into extraterrestrials.
Logically, if life evolved on Earth, then it most certainly had to have evolved someplace else, and quite possibly first, or so the idea goes. This, in turn, spawns the idea that highly advanced beings from another star have been and continue to come to our planet, annoying, abducting and taunting us with their presence and technology. However, is any of this true?
MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, is an organization that catalogs UFO sightings and alien abductions. However, they also hide some reports. These hidden reports are the one that are most interesting, as they are perhaps the most revealing of the whole UFO phenomena. Specifically, there are a set of alien abduction reports in which the abductees reportedly called upon God the Father, Lord Jesus, the Most Holy Spirit, or the Blessed Virgin, and the abduction stopped about as abruptly as it began. Why, we might ask, would MUFON want to hide these types of reports?
The answer to this is actually quite simple. Understand that we really are talking about extraterrestrials. However, we are not discussing aliens from another planet. In the 1800's, Alexander Crowley was purported to have seen and drawn the physical manifestation of a demon. He is also quoted as saying "Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow they will call them something else". Something else? It may almost seem obvious that this was the plan all along. The demons have always planned to deceive us into believing in aliens from another planet.
In the words of the Apollo 13 astronauts, "Houston we have a problem". The problem is that of a massive deception by fallen beings who seek to take us to Hell with them. Indeed, in Matthew 25:41 we read of the Lake of Fire that was prepared for the devil and his angels. This is a place of everlasting torment, and Satan is NOT the ruler of it, he is slated to spend eternity there as a prisoner. This is a fate that we should all desire to avoid.
Genesis 1:1 states very clearly that "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth". God created the universe in such a way as to show his power and majesty so that we would be without excuse. No place in the Bible does it state that God created life anywhere other than Earth. To date, none of our probes have found evidence of life on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system. Oddly, it is most likely that if they did, it may prove that it originated here on Earth.
We must take God at his word and trust what he claims he did, starting with the book of Genesis and going through the Gospels, where we learn of God's plan of redemption through Christ Jesus being crucified and buried. Yet, that is not the end of the story. We must further believe that Jesus rose again, ascended to the Father and will return someday to judge all humanity and restore the Earth. Only then can we see past this deception and in seeing past it, we can expose it.
Satan is a called, and rightly so, the "Father of lies". He has sought for centuries to deceive humanity by lies and conveniences, so that we might reject the truth of God's plan for humanity. If we stand firm on God's word, Satan can not overpower or deceive us.
There are those who claim that there is no god. Such are often called atheists. Oddly, they fail to note that they can not prove that God does not exist. True, we who are called Christians can not directly prove that God does exist. We simply believe God based upon his revealed word, that is the Holy Bible. We don't know what 1% of the universe is. Neither do the atheists. To know what 1% of the universe would require an awareness of the other 99%, something that even NASA can't claim. However, we who are called Christians can claim that though we don't know what 1% of the universe is, we do know the God who knows perfectly what 100% of the universe is, because he created it.
Demons have and continue to deceive humanity. Today they pretend that they are being from alien worlds. They seek to deceive us into believing that life evolved on Earth and has also evolved elsewhere, despite all evidence to the contrary. Evolution is one of the best lies that Satan uses to deceive humanity. Demons claiming themselves as aliens from another planet help to perpetuate this lie.
Don't be deceived. Christ Jesus died upon the cross for your sins. He was buried and he rose again. By trusting him and his word, you can withstand the lies of Satan and his angels,thus you will be able to avoid an eternity in the Lake of Fire.
Perhaps, someday, I will figure out how to completely fill a trailer to 100%. However, as long as I am on this side of the veil of eternity, I will never know what 1% of the universe truly is. However, I am confident in the Lord my God, who knows what 100% of the universe is, down to the smallest particles. If there was life on other planets, he would have told us. He never once said anything about it, and even made it clear that Adam's sin cursed all of creation. Thus, Adam's sin brought a curse upon the whole of the universe. Someday the curse will be lifted and someday I will see what 1% and 100% of the universe is. All of this because of what Jesus did upon the cross. What about you?

The above is from Christopher Rose over at Forklift Theology. He has been writing for a good number of years, and this is one of his best.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tacoma Ghosts

Tacoma Washington is a very interesting place. With places like the Tacoma Dome, and the Brown and Halley factory (where the world famous almond roca bars are made), you'd almost expect that something of the supernatural would be afoot. You'd be right.

I care not to bore you will all that is known of supernatural sightings in this quirky city in the Pacific Northwest. However, I will speak very specifically of the ghost that is said to haunt Point Defiance Park located in the Northwestern part of Tacoma. It is an odd tale, but is also well documented.

The story goes that back in the 1980's a young girl named Jennifer was kidnapped and possibly murdered someplace within the park, which is where her body was found. At the time of her abduction, she had be purported to have been riding her bicycle. Now it does seem odd at first glance, as you might wonder how important a bicycle can be to a ghost story, but let me assure you that it truly is important.

The details tend to vary from sighting to sighting. However, there are three generally agreed upon things.

1. Her bicycle can be heard in the dead of night when nobody is present.

2. If you do happen to see her, she will be smiling, but she will not have any eyes. Some reports claim that there are just black circles where her eyes should be.

3. She always appears in the region of the Five Mile Drive near where you can see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

I have personally visited this park during the hours in which she is said to be sighted. However, none of my own visits have presented anything to confirm this report. I can not say with any certainty that this specter doesn't exist. However, I would be hesitant to say that it does not exist. Why?

1. There is an unsettling cold draft in the area around the times in which she is purported to show up, and this draft can be felt during the summer when it is still quite warm. I have experienced this myself.

2. There is also a certain sense of displacement, like something doesn't belong during this particular time of day.

My own observations are that there isn't enough information, thus my opinion at this time is "Inconclusive". I have read many of the reports regarding people claiming to see something, and I don't dare discount there belief that something is there. Exactly what it is has yet to been discerned. Perhaps it is merely an urban legend, one that people believe because of it's apparently credible nature. Perhaps it a demon masquerading as a deceased child, attempting to deceive people, or otherwise scare them into believing something that isn't actually true.

Perhaps I may yet make my way back towards this park, and visit that location again. Perhaps then I may find an answer to this strange haunting, whether it be urban legend or demonic activity. If it be merely an urban legend, then it is safe to dismiss. If it be a demon, then it is right to desire an exorcism upon this region. However, to perform such a rite on such a large area is beyond my understanding, and may require many priests to perform such a feat.

I would encourage wisdom and caution in venturing forth to investigate this phenomenon. As I have stated already, it may merely be an urban legend, based upon the fact that the body of dead child was found in the park. However, it may also be that a demon is running amok in Point Defiance. At this time, I can not conclusively say which it is.

If you should choose to investigate, here are my suggestions:

1. Talk with local police/park staff in advance. It is best to inform them of your intent, as it can be a misdemeanor to be found in the park after dusk.

2. Prepare in advance. Take time to pray, and perhaps consider going to confession. Demons have a way of knowing things, and unconfessed sins are among things demons seem to enjoy, as well as a lack of repentance on the part of those who happen upon their paths.

3. Consider bringing a priest with you. You are dealing with the possibility of coming face to face with a demon, a priest will be more aptly trained for this than many who are laity, though exceptions do exist.

4. Use a car. This should seem like common sense, but there is a good reason for this. Some reports indicate that if you do see her, she will likely give chase. While there are no reports of her catching up to anyone, there is no need to take any unnecessary risks. If you, or your chosen priest, proves unprepared for an encounter, you had best be prepared to escape, and quickly. Nobody should risk being the first victim of her chasing and actually catching them.

As with all demonic activity, I don't advise that anyone actually seeks it out. However, I am not at liberty to forbid such actions. Likewise, I refuse to accept any liability for attempt to investigate this phenomenon. I write this only to inform as to the existence of potential activity, not to encourage anyone to seek it out. If you do decide to investigate, you best understand that you do so at your own risk. I would sooner that you seek the advice of a professional. Amateur exorcists, especially those who have no real understanding of this doctrine, only risk pain or possible death seeking these things.

There are apparently other ghost stories about the city of Tacoma. Some are, likewise, found at Point Defiance. There are yet others as well, including a specter said to haunt the Tacoma Dome. I may write of these apparitions in future posts.